Friday, April 21, 2017

Impeach Tea Peaches & Cream Tea

I have followed Impeach Tea on instagram ( @impeach_tea ) for a bit now and was always interested in the product.  Not only does the tea have a catchy premise but it sounded like it actually might be a good tea.  I finally decided to get some as they are offering free shipping PLUS 20% off so I thought, why not?  First, the product arrived so quickly; it ships out through USPS 2 day shipping!  I ordered on a Saturday and the tea arrived on Wednesday.  It came nicely packaged with multi-colored packing paper.

The Packaging:  the tea was in a gold, sealed bag inside a hinged tea tin.  The tin is very nice quality with the label glued to the outside.

The Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, red safflower petals, calendula petals, blue cornflower petals and all natural flavors.

The Dry Leaves:  the tea is so pretty, full of multi-colored flower petals.

The Smell: The tea smells a strong peach smell both in the dry leaves and when steeped.

Preparation:  I steeped the tea in 212 degree water for 3 minutes.  I did not sweeten the tea (I tend to drink most of my teas unsweetened anyway).

Color: The tea steeps up a standard brown, black tea color.

The flavor:  a subtle peach flavor that does not compete with the black tea taste.  The peach tastes natural, not artificial, which is something I have struggled with in other peach tea blends.  The black tea flavor is not competing with the peach, rather it complements it very nicely.  There is an ever so slight cream note in this as well.

Overall Impression:  I LOVE  this tea.  I am SO glad I took a gamble and ordered it.  The peach is spot on perfect, this is the BEST peach tea I have ever tasted!!!!

Happy Sipping!

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