Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Impeach Tea Honey Ginger Southern Peach Tea

Today I am trying Honey Ginger Southern Peach tea from Impeach Tea.  I actually received this tea free from the company with an order that I placed.  I was very excited to try this one as the ginger component really made this tea seem interesting!

The Packaging:  The tea comes sealed in a gold foil bag that is housed inside a hinged metal tin.  The tin seems of good quality with a nice, vivid label glued to the outside of the tin.  The tin is 3 oz.  

The Ingredients:  China Black Tea, Red Safflower Petals, Calendula Petals, Blue Cornflower petals, natural and artificial flavor

The Dry Leaves:  The tea is very lovely.  I like seeing the multi-colored flower petals peeking between the black tea leaves.

The Smell:  The dry tea has a very strong peach smell.  I don't necessarily smell any ginger.

The Taste:  This was a very nice peach tea.  The ginger was there but didn't overwhelm, it was a perfect compliment to the black tea and the peach flavor.  The peach tastes fresh and natural, not artificial which tends to be the case with some peach teas I have tried.  I added a bit of honey to this tea and it helped to bring out the ginger flavor a bit more.  I can't say that I necessarily picked up on any honey notes but this was delightful nonetheless.

The Verdict:  I have been so pleasantly surprised with the teas from Impeach Tea.  This is a very nice interesting take on a peach tea and I do recommend it.  I hope to see more offerings from Impeach Tea in the future!!

Until Next Time Happy Sipping!

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